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An opening ceremony  was held in our school for Assam Scheme Of Skill Training In Driving 2021, inaugurated by Hon. Minister Of State For Petroleum and Natural Gas, Labour and Employment, Government of India,Shri Rameswar Teli, along with District Transport Officer (Dibrugarh) Shri Sanjib Hazarika sir.

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In 2020, Assam witnessed 6533 accidents leading to 2629 deaths. In 2019, there were 8350 accidents and 3208 deaths. Each year more people die due to road accident than by any other diseases. Life and death are in the hands of the All Mighty but being safe and responsible on the road is the duty of all human beings. We at Mahadev Driving Training School aim not only to make you an expert driver but also to upskill you with values such as road safety and road smarts that will make you a responsible citizen behind the wheel. Established in the year 2021 under the jurisdiction of the Government of Assam and Dibrugarh DTO come join us today to help build an utopian future with safer roads and 0 accidents.

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  • We provide government approve certificates for the courses you apply for.

  • Dedicated team of instructors to help you in the journey of getting behind the wheel to getting your first license.

  • Expert classes on how to be safe and responsible on the road learn to decode the street signs and the street smarts.

  • Classes curated for beginners to advance drivers. 

  • Personalized feedback on your performance.

  • Online groups and one-to-one mentor sessions.

  • Track your progress through our weekly grading system (beginner's course only)


Take a specialized test to see how much you are aware of the road safety rules and regulations and get a Free booklet on important road signs & symbols. Perfect for beginners who are looking to apply for their Learner's License or someone looking to refresh their memory.


Download our brochure to see which of our plans will be beneficial for you. Are you a beginner or planning to learn a new class of vehicle? head on out and learn about our courses we offer to our learners.



Decided to join us? We are happy to have you onboard. Please fill out this application and one of our representatives will call you soon with all the nitty gritty details and help you towards your onboarding. Welcome to our family of growing learners

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